Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration: New handbag time

I've long admired the handbag patterns on i think sew but I could never quite figure out which pattern I liked the most. But most importantly, I could never decide on which fabric to use.

Or when I do decide on fabric, it's always an out-of-print Alexander Henry fabric that is damn near impossible to find. Today is no exception.

While browsing through the pattern reviews section of Sew Sweetness, I came across her version of the Junia Bag and I instantly fell in love with the pattern. I need a large tote for my upcoming Chicago trip and this bag would be perfect.

As usual, the fabric I want to use is an out-of-print Alexander Henry fabric. Why didn't I start sewing in 2008? That seems to be the year all my favorite fabrics came out.

 Cinzia. Available in two places.

I've found it on a fabric site that I've never used before. I'm wary of this. But I really want this fabric. I also found leather purse handles courtesy of Etsy. If only I didn't have a billion other projects already in the queue.

If for some reason I can't get the above fabric, this one is readily available and would also work perfectly:

Yoko. Available everywhere.

Decisions, decisions.

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