Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vogue 8645: View A

This pattern is awesome. I made both versions but this entry is about my first one. I made this dress over two months ago.

Vogue 8645

This is my first try with Vogue patterns. I admit I was quite intimidated with Vogue patterns. They seem to be much more intricate than the others in the Big 4. I don't actually remember how I came across it. I think I was randomly searching the Pattern Review website. Anywho, it looked awesome. I figured I would give it try.

The hardest part was fabric selection. I wanted a yellow dress but I wanted a specific shade of yellow. Nothing too bright or too golden. I wanted something banana-ish. I couldn't find poplin in that shade so I settled for quilting-weight cotton. I used Moda Bella Solid in 30's Yellow. I got it on sale at Fabric Depot. My second choice was Kona cotton in banana. The second dress (View B) was made using Alexander Henry lawn. There will be another post about that one in the future.

I lined the dress in cheapy poly/cotton broadcloth I bought from Hancock Fabrics for less than $2 a yard. Once washed, it's actually nice and soft.

At first, I was wary of the pattern sizing. I've used a New Look pattern before and when I tried to make something according to my measurements on the chart, the dress was a tent. I was afraid of this happening with the Vogue.

I did some searching and found that Vogue doesn't have as much ease as some of the other Big 4 patterns. I took this into consideration and made one size smaller. According to my measurements, I should be a size 18 but I made a 16 and it fit perfectly.

I had a similar experience with a McCall's pattern. That one I made in a size 14 and it fit perfectly.

Ease is such a funny thing. This is why I prefer to use indie patterns as their measurements seem to be more accurate.

Anyway, here's the dress:

Not too shabby.

Did I mention that yellow is my favorite color?

I made this dress with no alterations although I should have added an inch to the length. It's swingy, so I have to watch it when the wind blows.

Me likey.

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  1. Very cute! I will look out for this pattern next time vogues are on sale.


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