Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday bags!

My sisters' birthday is August 28. They aren't twins (but are eerily similar). There's a four year age gap. Anywho, I decided the most cost-effective route for presents this year would be to make handbags for both of them. I bought the sewer friendly combo pattern (no written instructions, just photos) for the Lindsay and Melanie bags. It's an excellent deal. My middle sister picked out the Lindsay pattern. Since my youngest sister didn't really care which pattern I used as long as she got something, I would make the Melanie bag for her.

The Melanie bag is HUGE. I printed out the pattern and it looks more like an overnight bag. If my sister traveled, then it would be perfect. Of course the dimensions are clearly printed on the pattern, but sometimes the size just doesn't register until you see it.  This simply would not do.

I went ahead and made the Lindsay bag for my middle sister. Another great thing about ithinksew is that you get 5 free patterns when you purchase one. So I made the Caroline clutch for her as well. I haven't finished the one for my youngest sister yet. It takes 20 minutes to make, maybe even less.

Lindsey bag and Caroline clutch

Recognize the fabric? I used Yoko by Alexander Henry and black Kona cotton. I used white Kona cotton for the body of the clutch.

Since I decided against making the Melanie bag, I needed another option. Then I remembered that I already cut out the pocket tote by Jen Giddens (in black duck cloth) a few months ago. I had some Amy Butler fabric left over (Temple Tulips in Azure) to use for the lining. I like this pattern as well. It was my first time using one of Jen Gidden's sewing patterns.

I like how both of these bags turned out. I haven't made a bag since April. Now I'm working on my Chicago bag. Everything is cut out and interfacing applied---I will start sewing tomorrow.

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