Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall wardrobe time?

Lately, I've contemplated whether or not I should bother with planning a wardrobe for the fall/winter. It's not that I don't want to, it's just Texas never really gets that cold. I think I wore my coat 3 times last "winter" (winter in Austin is a joke). Most of the time, I can get away with wearing the same clothes all year around with the addition of a light jacket or sweater. There have been times when I've worn flip flops in December. I've worn shorts on Thanksgiving.

So, the thought of all the fantastic wools, plaids and other staples of a cooler-weather wardrobe just make me sad instead of giddy. What's the point?


I'm going to do it anyway, or at the very least, make a valiant attempt. Right now, I'm perusing color palettes courtesy of Design Seeds.  I like this one:

and this one:

And even though this one looks more like spring, I just had to add it. I love the colors.

I think for the fall, I'll kept my pattern selections simple and manageable. I  just want about 6 pieces (dress, skirt, light jacket/blazer, two shirts and coordinating handbag). That seems simple enough. I've never made a jacket before. I think that will be the most challenging aspect of this whole wardrobe experiment.

But first things first. I have Kris' messenger bag all cut and ready to be sewn. I'm also going to try and squeeze in Simplicity 2246 view A (made with the same lovely green shirting that I used for my Colette Violet) before my Chicago trip in two weeks. After seeing Rachel McAdams walk around Paris in shirtdresses (I saw Midnight in Paris last weekend), I decided that I HAD TO HAVE ONE.

Now to get back to work...

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  1. I'm hoping that being up in Tyler I will have a chance of some winterish weather. I came in March so I don't know. I love design seeds and those are nice palettes.


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