Monday, August 1, 2011

Lola Goes Shopping

Lola Goes to Work

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 So, this is my Lola Goes Shopping bag by Izzy & Ivy Designs. I used Blakely in Smoke and Poppybox in Lilac, both by Alexander Henry. It seems as if that's the only designer that I use---yeah, pretty much.

I made this bag back in April, a week before my trip to Seattle. It really wasn't that complicated just a wee bit time consuming. The bias binding took forever to finish. It was also my first time using bias binding so there's a few mistakes here and there, but overall the bag is great. It's large enough to carry all of my stuff.

I like my bags to be sturdy, so I followed the pattern instructions and used canvas and interfacing. The canvas helps the bag keep its shape without feeling too heavy or bulky. I've also tossed this bag into the washing machine--twice--and it's held up both times. Not too shabby.

Maybe one day I'll make this bag again. Of course I have to find the right combination of fabrics. I lucked out with the fabric I did use as both of them are out-of-print (of course).

Now, I'm off to make sleeves for Sorbetto #3 and to start work on the Junia bag. I just ordered some Nani Iro Molly cloth from Hart's Fabrics (for only $10.99 a yard---I thought it was a typo since everything else by Nani Iro is $20+ a yard). This may become Sorbetto #4 if the sleeves for #3 work out. We'll see.

So many sewing projects. Not enough time and money to finish them all.


  1. I love your bag! I bought this pattern a while ago and I love the way it looks. I haven't made it yet because I cannot decide which fabric I want to use. I am surprised that the pattern is not more popular, it's such a unique looking bag. Great job!


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