Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at what I did.

So yah, I finished my Lisette Traveler dress (view A). It hasn't been washed or ironed since I finished it, as I finished it mere moments before these photos were taken.

with belt.

without belt but with tired smile

Actually, I finished this dress Sunday morning. Then an hour ago, I tried it on and decided that it was too baggy, even with the belt. So, I added a couple of vertical (or double point) darts to the back. It's still a bit roomy but at least the back has a bit more shape.

Overall, I like this pattern (Simplicity 2246). I've also made View C but I'm far too tired to model it for photos at the moment. I only made a couple of alterations: the aforementioned back darts and I omitted the patch pockets. I have a bit too much boobage for chest pockets.

Well, that's one thing off my Fall Palette Challenge list. Five more to go...


  1. Nice job with the dress and your Violet blouse! I love checking in with you because your patterns and fall plans are the same as mine - except you are actually working your plan! Did you take any sewing lessons or did you literally 2 months ago decide to start sewing your own clothes? Amazing.

  2. Neemie I just found your blog from the Lisette Flickr group. You have real style and I love what you did with this dress and the belt. I need to sew some of these patterns too. Stay safe with all those fires around central TX

  3. @sheryl: thanks! i started making clothes in january. there's a pile of misfit practice clothing hidden in a bag in my closet ;) i didn't get good at it until april.

    @terri k: thanks! one of the fires was actually 5 miles away from my apartment. it's contained now. the last few days have been crazy.

  4. Damn, you look maaaahvelous! Seriously, I really enjoy your color and dress combos. Especially with that belt! It is a great belt.


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