Saturday, September 24, 2011


This Fall Palette Challenge is truly a challenge for me. I'm finding it almost impossible to stick with the patterns, colors and fabric that I've chosen. I come across other patterns. I get random inspirations. It's all very annoying and confusing.

I've already deviated from my list. I made the Lisette Market Skirt (Simplicity 2211 view B). I had some gray twill scraps lying around and it was just enough for the skirt. This means that I've now added gray to my color palette. Honestly, I felt like making another skirt. I'm also riding on an invisible zipper high. I bought the metal invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine instead of using the cheapy one that I bought at Joann. It broke after the first time I used it. Super glue just made it worse. Thank goodness for ebay. I also have enough black twill and wool from my half-circle skirt to make two more Market skirts. Go me.

Invisible zippers are awesome. I don't know why I avoided them for so long. My next hat trick will be the lapped zipper.

I've also fallen in love with two dresses that weren't on my current list (Peony was on list #2 but dropped from list #3): Peony and Parfait. I want to make both of these dresses, like now. Also, I have a strong desire to make the Lisette Traveler shirt dress in light blue poplin. Decisions, decisions.

My half-circle skirt is hanging in the closet. I finished the waistband and zipper, all I have left is the hem.

So far, I have almost finished three things on my list, which isn't too bad. It's hard to stay focused.

I think that instead of having a set list or plan, I'll just go on making things as I feel. Once the challenge is over, I'll take a look at what I've made and see if it fits into any kind of color palette. Yeah, that'll work.

My Parfait dreams may be realized this week. I'm going to buy the pattern today and I already have the fabric. The Peony pattern should be arriving in the mail any day now. I still haven't completely decided on fabric yet as I'm expecting some swatches soon.

I really need to make more shirts. I have a ton of dresses and skirts already.

This post was kind of random, my apologies. Saturday brain has taken over.

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