Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Screw you invisible zipper.

I knew there was a reason why I was hesitant to use invisible zippers.

It's because they suck.

Anytime I have a dress that has an invisible zipper, it breaks. Never fails. I have two dresses in my closet right now that need the zipper replaced...the invisible zippers replaced.

This just happened to my almost complete Colette Parfait.

I just installed the zipper after fighting with the facing for an hour (there's a rant all about that).

I put the dress on and start pulling up the zipper. It stops midway and won't go any further.

It seems like it's caught on something, so I wiggle out of it to investigate.


I thought maybe my dress was too tight or something.

Nope. Not that either.

I try to wiggle it some more and the damn thing separated.


Now I have rip this damn zipper out and put in another one that will probably do the same thing (I have no money for any more sewing supplies this month. Not even a zipper. I have a spare invisible zipper that I can use.)

I'm so pissed. Despite a couple of instructional hiccups (which I will address on Pattern Review once the dress is finished), this dress was going well.

Argh. I'm going to bed.

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