Monday, December 5, 2011

Brainstorming: Handbags Part Deux

Another bag that I've wanted for months:
Globetrotter Tote from Shabby Apple

It's sold-out now. It was around $55 when it was on the site. I thought that was a bit much for a canvas bag with faux leather handles. I still wanted to buy it, alas I procrastinated and missed my chance.

The thought of recreating it did cross my mind. I figured I'd have to draft my own pattern. I had no desire to do that. I caught a case of the lazies. I wrote the idea down in my sewing notebook for later use.

But in a zippy twist of fate, I came across a pattern.

NapkittenPattern on etsy I am going to make this bag. I have some canvas in the stash already. I also thought about making it out of plaid coating fabric or perhaps even tweed. Denver Fabrics has some for around $14 a yard. I'm looking for leather handles etc.

I'm keeping my projects to a minimum this month. I plan on making this dress for New Year's Eve. I already have my shoes. I have my copy of Burda Style magazine just waiting to be traced. I ordered swatches of crepe back satin. I'm excited.

I only have the zipper and hem left on my Colette Peony. I could have finished it tonight but I'm suffering from a case of the Mondays. Once I finish that, I will get started on my bag and my New Year's Eve dress.

We'll see how this goes.

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