Thursday, January 26, 2012


You know, I hate it when pattern companies print one seam allowance in the general instructions but the actual pattern has another. I also hate it when I fail to notice before sewing.

Simplicity 2215 we were so close to love. So close.

I'm glad that I have extra fabric and lining. I'm not glad that I have to cut out the bodice and lining all over again.

I was on the fence about the dress. I like it, but I'm not in love with it. However, I did have the feeling that it would grow on me once I finished. Now, I have no desire to finish. To toss it into my ever-growing UFO pile would be such a waste. Aside from that blunder, sewing was going well.


Tonight, I will have my little hissy fit and leave it be. I have the weekend to work on it. This is just a minor setback. Not the end of the world.

Aside from that, I can feel myself cheaping out on the whole buying Liberty Tana lawn thing. I really want to buy a new bag. The price is about the same. Hmm.

Should I buy this (4 yards):

Liberty Tana Lawn: Wiltshire - Red/Green
Or this:

Fossil Vintage Re-issue

I can't decide. I want them both. That will not happen as the hubby and I plan to take a trip to New York in April/May.

Too many thoughts. I need to sleep on it.


  1. Or you could buy less of the Liberty and use it as an accent, with a block colour fabric? That way you might be able to have both!

    1. shivani, i like the way you think :)


Thanks for commenting with thoughtfulness and maturity.

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