Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More rambling about Spring

Simplicity 2215 view A is on my sewing table (read: dining room table) at the moment. I'm this close to having it all cut out. Cutting out and tracing darts is my least favorite part of the sewing process. I think this is why I tend to avoid dresses with too many pieces to cut out.

Perhaps I'm just lazy ;)

Anywho, I'm using a poly/rayon gabardine (listed as "dress fabric") purchased from Trim Fabric. This was my first purchase from this site. It was super cheap and shipping took about a week. I'm not usually a fan of burgundy/maroon. Usually, I dance around those two shades...I like plum, red-violet, eggplant, etc. Since it's technically still "winter" here in Austin, I chose burgundy instead of yellow.

I can't wait for Spring to officially arrive. I think I may have posted about my yearning for Spring a few weeks ago.

I haven't had this blog a year yet and already I'm repeating myself. Sheesh.

Random update: My Colette Crepe is almost finished. I've procrastinated on hemming the damned thing. It is beautiful, I must admit.

Onward to ideas...

So, I came across this dress on Pinterest, from Anthropologie of course.

Grass Court Dress

Although I think the tennis racket eyelet is cute, there's no way in hell I would pay $168 for it. Nope, not gonna happen. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of eyelet. But I am a big fan of this dress. Like the Pinterest poster suggested, I can use a combination of  the Simplicity 2209 bodice and Simplicity 2444 skirt to make this dress happen. Actually, I wouldn't use the skirt from Simplicity 2444. I like the skirt on New Look 6910 or the gathered skirt of McCall's 6503.

Something like this.

I need something gray in my wardrobe. I think this dress would be excellent in gray. Not sure what kind of fabric yet.

This Spring, I also hope to add more shirts to my wardrobe. All I ever sew are dresses. That's fine and dandy, but sometimes I want to wear jeans or a skirt. I have three Tova shirts, one Colette Violet and a couple Sorbettos. That's about it.

To remedy this, I purchased New Look 6104, a cute and simple shirt that doesn't appear to be a sewing headache in the making:

New Look 6104

Views A and C look pretty cute. I already have some cotton lawn in mind.

I also purchased New Look 6831. It was a while ago. I tried looking it up on the Simplicity site and it's no longer available. Try ebay.

New Look 6831

I'd like to make View D but with the sleeves of View E. I am not a fan of short cap sleeves.

I need more ideas for shirts. I want to avoid square, boxy shirts (I'm looking at you, Colette Violet and Sorbetto). I'm not afraid of buttons but I think zippers in shirts are silly.  I also want to avoid cutesy shirts with Peter Pan collars (I see you, Colette Violet). One of those is enough. I don't have the personality necessary to wear a Peter Pan collar without smirking. Then again, I always smirk.

Shirt suggestions are welcomed.

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