Saturday, January 7, 2012

Picture day!

Eventually, I hope to write up a post about each of these dresses. For now, enjoy my awkward photos...also, my apologies for all the wrinkles...

Colette Peony

The Peony neckline gave me much grief. This is as close to "perfect" as it's going to get. I may make this pattern again, but with a scoop neck. I used the poplin from Fabric Mart's $1.99 poplin sale. My sister has since informed me that the fabric was not really poplin, but pima cotton broadcloth with stretch. She majored in textiles. I guess she would know. This explains a lot.

Simplicity 2246 view C

Ahh, Simplicity 2246 aka the Lisette Traveler dress. I finished this dress back in August. I did write a post about my progress. I wore this while in Chicago; I haven't worn it since except to take this photo. Not one of my favorites.

Kwik Sew 3023
Another dress made with the aforementioned Fabric Mart "poplin." I do like this dress a lot. It's Kwik Sew 3023. I made it on a whim. The fit is fine although I may lengthen the sleeves next time.

That's all for now. I'm back to working on my Crepe. Perhaps I'll post photos later on next week.


  1. Not sure what problems you had with the neckline on the Peony, but it looks like maybe you need to do a Full Bust Adjustment in order for it to hang properly. I don't think it had anything to do with the fabric, though. I agree with you on the fit for the Kwik Sew dress - it looks great.

  2. for my next one i plan on doing a bust adjustment. i didn't know how to do one when i started on this dress ;)

    i think the peony pattern must run a wee bit small as i've made other colette patterns and never needed to do one before.


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