Monday, January 30, 2012

Wrap dress love

When I'm not obsessively obsessing about finding the *perfect* shirt dress pattern, I'm on the hunt for the *perfect* wrap dress pattern.

Sure, I love the Colette Crepe. It's the best dress I've made so far this year. But the wrap is is in the back, not the front. I want the wrap in the front.

I've come across a few patterns though none of them really did it for me. The sleeves were weird or the dress itself was a little too dated. I did attempt to make a wrap dress last year, but my pattern choice was bad. New Look patterns are not for the faint of heart.

A lot of wrap dress patterns are designed for knits. I loathe knits. I don't like wearing them (aside from T-shirts). I've yet to come across a knit dress or skirt that didn't make me wholly uncomfortable.

Anyway, Butterick 5030 is nice enough. I'm not a fan of the sleeves.

Butterick 5030

Another Butterick offering, 5451, is okay too, except for the collar and lack of sleeves. I need sleeves to live.

Butterick 5451

I bought this out of print McCall's pattern thinking I had found the one. The skirt on this one is full. It's practically a circle skirt. This makes it a bit of a fabric hog; roughly 6 yards. I was never dedicated enough to a particular fabric to purchase almost 6 yards of it.

McCall's 5314

Now it seems like Vogue may have granted my wish for a simple, yet interesting wrap dress without weird sleeves, a collar or requiring knit fabric.

Vogue 8784
It's also fully lined. I LOVE that. I doubt that I'll wait until the next pattern sale. I want this now.

I desire some simplicity (excuse the pun) for my sewing adventures for the time being. January has been in a exercise in patience with multiple bodice fittings and sewing failures.

Please Vogue, don't let me down. We had a win last year. Let's have another in 2012.

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  1. Have you ever used Ottobre magazine patterns? The Ottobre Woman issue from spring 2007 (issue 2/2007) has a nice wrap dress, similar in style to the McCall 5314 but the skirt is far less full. The sleeves are designed to be long but you could easily make them as short sleeves. The dress goes all the way from a European 34 to a 52 (American 20/22).


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