Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini Wardrobe Time: Four days in New York.

The first week of May, the hubby and I will take a short trip to NYC. This will be be our second visit to this wholly overwhelming place, as our first trip was in October of 2009. NYC didn't do it for me on the first visit, so hopefully this second visit will win me over.

According to all the weather websites and guides I've consulted, the weather should be nice. I'm not sure what I should wear. I considered making a mini-vacation wardrobe. I have plenty to time to complete it as long as I keep it simple.

Keeping it simple, ha! That's the task that seems the most daunting. On our last visit, I felt frumpy and out of place the whole time. In Austin, no one gets dressed up for anything. Austinites will wear jeans, t-shirts and flip flops to a wedding. I used to like that laid-back sensibility in fashion. But as my taste in clothing and how I present myself have changed, I often find myself feeling over-dressed if wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt.

In New York, my t-shirt and jeans made me feel like a fashion misfit, but not in a good way. However, 90% of this was all in my head as most New Yorkers weren't paying attention to me---they had better things to do. I just spent hours walking around comparing myself to people who were barely aware of my existence.

This time around, I've gotten over myself. I still want to look cute but I'm not going to compare myself to complete strangers. That's just silly and will get in the way of enjoying my vacation.

So now, back to my mini-wardrobe....

Initially, I wanted to wear dresses and cardigans the whole time. Then I thought about maybe a skirt-shirt combo and just a couple dresses instead. What about jeans? I didn't know what shirts to wear with jeans. Argh.

I will only be there 4 days, this includes air travel. The first day and last day I will need to wear jeans as I will be on a plane for most of the day. The last day I can just wear jeans and a t-shirt  (that I already own) since that will be the travel home day.

So, for the first day I will wear jeans and a cute shirt. I thought about this shirt:

The Esther blouse.



I ordered the pattern and read through the instructions. The instructions are very, very detailed. She also included a lot of helpful hints on choosing fabric and how to take correct measurements, etc. I think it would be cute. Not sure of the fabric yet. I've been dying to make a white shirt, but the white stretch pima cotton I have may be too heavy for this blouse. Voile, lawn or batiste may be a better choice.

Or, I could make View A of Simplicity 1872:


Not sure about peplum blouses. I don't think I have the waist line necessary to wear one without looking pregnant. It's not a complicated blouse and I do crave simplicity...we'll see.

Perhaps a dress to two.....

I just need to hem my McCall's 6503 (view B) in Lecien lawn. It would be super cute if paired with the right cardigan.

Not sure about the next dress or two. I have my McCall's 5801 shirt dress. I like it but I'm not sure if I want to take it. I really, really love shirt dresses and want to wear one while on my trip. I just ordered this pattern. I love the princess seams and notched collar:


I really love View E.
I would add sleeves to it, maybe. Not sure about which fabric to use to for this dress either. Perhaps a solid poplin (I already have black) or something else? A floral would be nice, I think. Perhaps I will use this Boden dress for inspiration.

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