Friday, March 16, 2012

On the sewing table...

And no, I still haven't hemmed my dresses yet.

Instead, I'm starting on a quick project---a project I know will work. It will give me a quick result with minimal effort. I know this because I've made this dress three times already.

Sometimes you just need a quick project to get past a creative lull.

Kwik Sew 3856 is my hero. I plan on making view A. I will add about 2 inches to hem. I want it to graze the floor. I hate it when long dresses stop at my ankles. Also, I will remember raise the neckline by an inch. If not, you will be able to see my cleavage from a mile away.

It's a simple dress to construct. It doesn't require an alarming amount of fabric or time really. I finished one of these dresses last year in about 2 hours (including cutting + sewing). I need to take pictures. Really. 

Patty the Snugbug has made three of these dresses if you need an idea of the finished product.

I plan to use some Anna Maria Horner voile from my stash. I bought it from Fabric Mart last month for $1.99 a yard. It's Baby Bouquet in Meadow.

I had no desire to buy any of these designer voiles before. I felt that the patterns were too cutesy and better suited for children. Also the fact that most websites sell them for more than $12 a yard also deterred my interest. However, when Fabric Mart put it on sale, I jumped all over it. Once I got my package and felt the wonderful buttery fabric slip between my fingers, I fell in love. I plan on buying some voile solids in the future as most of the prints are still a bit too much for me. 

Since the voile is a bit sheer, I will line it with some pale yellow batiste. My fabric is washed, pressed and ready to go. Hopefully I will finish it (hem and all) by Monday. The weather has been warm and humid lately here in Austin, almost perfect weather for a nice dress. 

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  1. Sounds like it will be lovely, especially with the yellow under it. Make sure you take pics this time! :)


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