Monday, May 28, 2012

Five yards of Liberty

So, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon something fantastic on ebay. I got five yards of Liberty of London Tana lawn for only $55.15 (including shipping---I love Buy it now or Best Offer). I'm not even sure I like the print. Pink and light blue aren't my usual color choices (but yellow makes it better):

Angelica Garla Tana Lawn

Thank you ebay. You complete me. Here, I will share my find as there is more available:  three different prints ranging from $13-$16 a yard (also, a US seller). Considering that Liberty Tana lawn can cost anywhere from $36-$50+ a yard, this is a steal. You're welcome.

When I wasn't knee-deep in moving boxes, I thought about what I could make with all this fabric. A sundress would be perfect. I really want something simple. Something that wouldn't cause a bunch of stress with fitting issues. So, I'm going with Vogue 8723, it has separate pieces for different cup sizes.


This pattern isn't super popular and I'm not quite sure why. Every version I've come across has been super cute. I think the Liberty Lawn would be perfect for this pattern. If I wasn't so exhausted from moving, I would start on it.


  1. Darn it! Of course I looked at what was available. And of course there's some that I want desperately now, as it matches with my color palette for the spring/summer challenge....Bad ebay!

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  2. Love the fabric. Very pretty.


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