Friday, June 15, 2012

2-in-1 Sewalong...Yay!

Hooray for Sewalongs! Or is it Sew-A-long?

No matter, I quite excited about this one. This time I will actually participate. I mean it this time. For real.

The sewalong will be centered around Simplicity 1880, a Project Runway inspired pattern. The shirt dress dress seems more inspired by Kate Middleton, but that's beside the point.

Simplicity 1880

Simplicity 1880

I need a wrap dress in my life. I've made the Colette Crepe, which I will blog about eventually, but it's not quite what I have in mind when I think of wrap dress. Simplicity 1880 is closer to what I want. It's more of a faux-wrap but I can live with that.

I've had some fabric in my stash (5 yard of it) for about a year now that I wanted to use for a wrap dress. It's called Firenze by Alexander Henry, an out-of-print poplin (and it's actually poplin not quilting weight) from the Fashionista collection. You can buy some here. I think this would be perfect for this dress.


The photo is kind of dark, but it's the only one I could find that shows the entire pattern.

I did consider making the shirt dress but I realized that I've already made four shirt dresses. The sewalong is hosted by Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch. I'm quite a fan of her blog and I'm really excited that she chose this pattern. The pattern has been in my stash for a couple of months now. Currently, I'm working on a second Hazel dress that I should finish by Sunday just in time to start on the sewalong on Monday.

I know that I say this in every post, but I seriously need to start posting pictures.

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  1. Yes Sunni has a great blog. I won't be participating but I will be following and picking up tips along the way.


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