Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One of my sewing goals for this year is to make a jacket. Last year, I caught "coat fever" but it was quickly cooled when I realized how much work a coat would require.

So, nix to the coat. Yes to the jacket.

It's rarely cold here in central Texas. There are some nippy days in January but for most of the cooler weather, a light jacket is all that is required. Of course there are hipsters and those who perpetually suffer for fashion that will don a coat when the temps dip below 70 degrees. I am not one of those people.

Ideally, I would love to make my own trench coat. I always catch hell trying to find jackets and coats that fit my shoulders with sleeves long enough to make it to my wrist. I bought a trench coat last year from Target. It was great with the one exception being the shoulders. The coat was not designed for anyone with broad shoulders. I even went up a size. That only helped a little. I got it on clearance for $25, so I overlooked the shoulder problem.

Trench coats, just like every other coat pattern I've come across, are a bit time consuming and complicated. Also, I fail to see the point in making something that I will only wear a couple of times during one month of the year.

So, I lucked up on this jacket pattern from McCall's. It looks like a trench coat minus the lining and all the details that would make it an actual trench coat.

McCall's 6517 View D

I already own two khaki blazers and the aforementioned khaki trench coat. My fall wardrobe needs a bit of color. I think this jacket would look excellent in navy twill or better still, burgundy twill...just like this coat from Banana Republic:

Belted Cotton Trench

McCall's 6517 is such a simple pattern (I read through the instructions already) that I could add some details without complicating things. Perhaps I could add buttons down the front. As is, the jacket has no closures except for the tie belt.

The fabric hunt begins now. I won't actually start work on it until next month. I probably won't wear it outdoors until late December.

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