Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Progress quickie.

Here's work-in-progress pic of my Vogue 8772 shirt:

Vogue 8772

For some reason I think it looks huge. It is a loose fit, mainly because I didn't use the waist or back darts. I wanted it to be more like a blouse but without being so huge that I look pregnant. That seems to be the trend (or perhaps it's the norm, since it's been going on for 15 years now) to wear giant, shapeless blouses. I hate that. I am rectangular. Boxy things make me look more boxy. Boo hiss boo.

Despite all that, challis is slowly working its way into my heart. There are so many prints available, all perfect for dresses and blouses. I don't know why I avoided it for so long. I need more prints in my life. I also need to sew with fabric that doesn't always require a lining (cotton lawn and voile).

That's all for tonight. I've basted my interfacing to the collar pieces. Hopefully, the collar will be completed tomorrow night. That just leaves buttons and hem. I'm really excited about the buttons. Even though they are not recommended for washing, I did a test with them (sewed one to a fabric scrap and hand-washed it) and it worked just fine. So, we'll see. I have others as back-up.

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