Monday, April 22, 2013

Everybody's looking for something.

Have you ever come across a pattern that you just had to have only to discover that it's no longer in print? Have you ever searched in vain for the pattern which only fueled your need to own it? This is the pattern that I want and can't find for the life of me:

Vogue 8511
It's Vogue 8511 and I can't find it. Pissed off doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I hate that cute patterns go out of print, but similar variations of the same crappy skirt seem to last forever (I'm looking at you Simplicity).


I'm looking for something similar (the Burda Marie skirt could work), but I have no real interest in drafting or franken-patterning. Right now, I'm in the mood for minimal effort. I almost made a third Laurel (I know I haven't posted about the second one, yet) because I could finish it in 4 hours without thinking about it.

If anyone could point me in the direction of this pattern (I fall in between sizes 18-20); I would be eternally grateful. My husband would also be grateful since I've whined about it for a week now.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. My stash is chocked full of fun, spring-like fabrics and I have no idea what to sew. Indecisive, that's me. I purchase fabric with an idea in mind. By the time my fabric shows up, my mind has changed and I'm inundated with new ideas. Then I fear that my idea won't work and I'll end up wasting my fabric (this even applies to TNT patterns).


Aside from that, I have finished a second Laurel which I will post about this weekend (preview now via instagram). Two, I've just finished the buttons on another Simplicity 2215 shirt dress, this time with a collar. I will post about that one this weekend as well.

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  1. I understand your woes. For the longest time I was looking for the Parisienne dress (Burda 128-08/2009) which is very similar (side bust darts instead of princess). If you still like the style all those years later the Parisienne is now available as a download, maybe that's an option for you instead of the Vogue 8511.


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