Thursday, June 6, 2013

On the sewing table...

I am in desperate need of a sundress. Desperate as in "It's hot as ballz in Austin and I need to wear something that is both cute and heat-friendly."

I also want something incredibly easy to make.

After searching through my pattern bins, I came across this one:

Vogue 8723

Vogue 8723: Custom fit with different pattern pieces for various bust sizes. Gathered skirt. No sleeves but provides enough coverage that it can be worn to work. Perfect. And I have this fabric:

Specialty Linen - Ditzy Orange and Blue Tissue

Cotton/linen blend from Joann. Initially, this fabric was slated for another Colette Laurel. I think it would have been beautiful as a Laurel, however, I have three Laurels already (one not blogged). Three is enough for now.

I've never sewn Vogue 8723. I thought about it. I even cut out most of the pattern pieces, but for whatever reason, it just never happened. There are some cute ones out there (see here, here and here). This linen was begging to be made into something flirty and fun. I'm glad that I already cut the pattern pieces, saved me some time. I'm also making this dress sans muslin. Oh boy, quite the risk-taker, I know.

It's all cut out and ready to be sewn. I may post a pic or two on Instagram this weekend, so follow me if you don't already. I will reciprocate.

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