Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled sewing to bring you this news bulletin...

Vogue 8723 is not the cute, flirty dress that I had hoped. I think it's largely due in part to my fabric choice. Lightweight linen is not ideal for a seriously full dirndl skirt. Also, I now know how to fully line sleeveless dresses. I should have followed my own instinct instead of following the Vogue instructions. The dress isn't a disaster, but it's far from perfect. This had me a bit down in the dumps until a new pattern from Colette popped up.

Hawthorn by Colette Patterns

Behold! Another shirt dress to add to my ever-expanding wardrobe of shirt dresses. I like this one a lot. It's not love quite yet. If it makes it past the muslin stage, then we'll call it love. A nagging voice lingers in my mind---please bodice don't give me grief like the Peony. Please, please be easy to fit.

Of course, I have several fabrics in the stash that would make a lovely shirt dress. I have 4 yards of some cotton/nylon broadcloth in a lovely clover shade of green that's begging to make into a shirt dress. In fact, it's already washed and ready to sew. Also, there's some nice white stretch broadcloth collecting dust in the stash. A white shirt dress would be lovely.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm still in the process of printing the pattern out. I don't have the patience to wait for the mail, so I opted for the digital version. Printing out 60 sheets of paper is tedious at best, but my need for instant gratification has been satiated.

Hooray for shirt dresses! They make my whole world go 'round.

*Edit @ 9:29 pm: You know, patience is a virtue. Printing out all these sheets is a pain in the ass. I should have ordered the paper pattern.


  1. I printed out the version 1 last night and I have coffee in hand ready to piece the pages together and make my muslin this morning. i love the printed patterns because while they may take me some time to print out I can then just cut my size out and not worry about tracing and that saves some time too.

    1. I still traced the bodice pieces to use for my muslin. If I mess up, I like knowing that I have the option to print it out again. However, if I can avoid that, I will ;)


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