Sunday, July 28, 2013

A whole lotta Hawthorn

So, here we are...Hawthorn #2 is complete. I am officially sick of collars, buttons and shirt dresses.

Oh, and stripes.

I honestly don't know what possessed me to make another Hawthorn. The idea popped in my head on the way to work: You know, I think I still have some of that striped shirting left. I bet it would look great as a Hawthorn.

I had just under 2 1/2 yards left over after I made Simplicity 2215. This fabric is a lovely blue, red, and white striped, 62" wide shirting that I purchased last year from Metro Textiles. I love Metro Textiles. I bought 5 yards of it (at $6 a yard) as I was not quite sure what to make with it but I wanted to be sure that I had more than enough.

There was enough for this dress but I did have to cut a corner, mainly the stripe matching. It's not perfect but you can't really tell unless you're standing 5 inches away from me. If you're that close to me, then you're about to get punched. Anywho, I went with shorter sleeves this time mostly due to fabric limitations. However, the sleeves were not supposed to be that short. I made an error when I shortened my sleeve pattern and it ended up being uneven. To fix it, I had to hack off an inch. Turned out alright.

Other modifications:

  • I made the collar one piece same as before but this time I added 5/8" to it so that it would match up with the marks on the pattern.
  • No pockets this time. The thought of sewing inseam pockets and matching stripes on the side seams gave me chills.
  • I didn't skip the bias sleeve cuff. It looks awesome with stripes.
  • Added 3" to the hem. I prefer my hems to hit mid-knee to just below.
  • Finished the hem with 1 7/8" bias hem facing. I found that I liked the look of a wide hem.

Bias sleeve cuff = awesome

This time around I made a matching belt. I didn't have a lot of fabric left over so I had to choice but to cut the fabric on the bias. I had a vintage buckle (purchased from ebay) and used the A Fashionable Stitch tutorial to make the belt.

Someone forgot the fray check

I'm glad this dress is finished. This has been a month long odyssey and I'm so glad it's over. This pattern is great but I had no idea the amount of work it would take to make this dress fit. Overall, I'm glad that I did it but I doubt I would do it again.

Now I can relax. Finally.

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  1. The work seems to have paid off, though - it looks great on you!


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