Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello old friend.

Last time I mentioned this dress was in January of last year. I was optimistic back then...full of ideas yet equally full with procrastination. I had hoped to find a similar green eyelet to make the dress and once I did, I still didn't make it.

Simplicity 2209 + New Look 6910 = Perfection

The dress is simple enough to construct. I've already made a muslin and attempted the pattern (Simplicity 2209 aka the Lisette Passport Dress) last year to lackluster results (stretchy voile is never a good idea). So why is this dress still merely an idea?

Sometimes you have to wait for just the right fabric to come along.

As you can recall, the Grass Court Dress from Anthropologie is made of cute tennis racket eyelet. This and the unusual darts in the front bodice are what make this dress so appealing to me. In order for me to make this dress, I wanted some fabric with a bit of whimsy. Something cute, but not too cutesy. Not bright or obnoxious. And above all, no quilting cotton. The last one was hard as quilting cotton is ripe with fanciful prints of all kinds.

A quick note: I'm not against quilting cotton in garment sewing. I just believe there's a time and place for it. The time nor the place is mid-summer in Central Texas.

Finally, the right fabric came along thanks to my most favorite online seller: Fabric Mart. Oh, the shipping leaves much to be desired (A full 8 days to get to Austin? Surely, you jest.) but the prices can't be beat.  So, when this fabric popped up, I wasted no time in buying some.

Navy/White "Tennis" Print Cotton Shirting 60W

A shirt dress was the first thing that came to mind, something reminscenent of the Anthropologie Two-Wheeler Shirt dress (New Look 6587 would be my first choice). Alas, I'm on a shirt dress diet. 

While browsing through old blog posts, I came across the one about the Grass Court Dress. Ding! This fabric is even has tennis rackets on it.

I'm quite excited about this one. The pattern pieces are cut and ready to be placed on fabric. I hope to start on it tomorrow evening. But for now, I'm going to have a gin and tonic. All this planning has made me quite thirsty.

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