Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall sewing ideas. Not plans. Just ideas.

Tomorrow (technically today as it is 12:08 am), my sewing machine will finally arrive along with the rest of our stuff. The past week has been full of naps on the air mattress and sharing dinner on TV trays with folding chairs. All of our stuff was packed away in a Relocube that was supposed to be delivered on Friday. However, because of the parking policies at our current apartment, we had to reschedule for Monday.  To say this annoyed me would be the understatement of the year. I want my sewing machine. I am going bat-shit insane without it.

Sewing is my escape and help calms me during times of stress. Also, I am in dire need of a fall wardrobe. I never bothered with one when I lived in Texas. Austin is hot for about 8 -9 months out of the year and lukewarm to cool for the remaining 3 months (with the occasional frosty day). There really is no need for coats (or anything involving corduroy) there. Honestly, you could get away with just wearing a hoodie. You basically need just enough warmth to walk from your house (apartment, place of business, store, etc) to your car.

Seattle is a bit different because it actually rains here. The temperatures are much more suited for a fall wardrobe. I can wear corduroy here and not melt. This makes me giddy with all the sewing possibilities.

First off, I have trench coat plans.

Burda 7347 (out-of-print) is my pattern of choice. It was a tough call between it and the Sewaholic Robson Coat. I felt that the Burda pattern would require less work in terms of fit than the Robson Coat. Also, I'd much rather have a coat with a lining than deal with miles and miles of bias tape. Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of bias tape? Yeah, not a fan. And I have no desire to draft a lining for a coat. Just no.

McCall's came out with a few new patterns. Most of them were quite blah but two did peak my interest.

McCall's 6844/McCall's 6833

I love the idea of a peplum cardigan (McCall's 6844) and view D of McCall's 6833 is very cute. I especially love the collar.

Next on my list are several ponte knit dresses: a wrap dress using Butterick/See & Sew 5546, and one using the collar from McCall's 6796 (to mimic this Modcloth dress).

Finally, I need a couple of skirts in my life. I think the Colette Zinnia is cute but I'm on the fence about it. I know how to add a button placket to a gathered skirt (and I even have an A-line gathered skirt pattern to use--Kwik Sew 3521), so why bother wasting $16 on it?

New Look 6843 is a cute skirt pattern with multiple options. It would be easy to use to make a plaid skirt with a wider waistband. I also have some lightweight wool in my stash that would work as well.

As far as shirts and blouses go, I have no trouble finding them on clearance at Target and Old Navy. Making my own t-shirts has never been a goal of mine. I may attempt a blouse or two, maybe.

That's it for now, I suppose. After I get my sewing room organized, I will start work on the trench coat. I've been dying to get started on it. I already have my fabric washed and ready to go. The pattern is all cut too. And I read the instructions like 5 times on the drive from Austin to Seattle.

That's dedication with just a sprinkling of insanity. Just a sprinkle.


  1. I love that peplum cardigan. Very cute. I ignored the party dresses...must remember to look at the line drawings. That's a really nice dress!

    I like your fall plans! :)

  2. I like that peplum cardigan too. The pattern photo doesn't do it justice.

    Moving to a new climate is so exciting. You get to sew so many new (and useful) things!!

  3. I also love the peplum cardigan.. It's so cute, thanks for pointing out that pattern..

  4. Welcome to the Northwest! ITA with your McCall's picks and call on the Zinnia skirt.
    (unsolicited protip: skirt, tights and good rainboots. It sucks when the bottoms of pants get wet and stay that way for hours...)

  5. Welcome to the PNW. I agree with themuslinette - good rainboots are an excellent investment, as are thick tights so you can be warm and still look cute in a skirt.


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