Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here's a Cooper. Happy Birthday.

First things first, today is my birthday. I'm kind of meh about it. Yay, 33. Big whoop.

Of course, I had to buy myself something. And of course, Colette Patterns would release something new at the same time.

I admit when I saw that an over-eager pattern tester posted a photo of Cooper on flickr two days ago, I was meh about it. Actually, I thought, "Oh wow, a backpack. I am underwhelmed." Then I saw it presented in all it's glory today and I was quite relieved that it was more than just a backpack.

I asked my husband about the Albion coat pattern. It's simple enough that I could make it for him without too much headache. He made a face. "You mean you'll talk about making this for me, then two weeks later you'll buy me a coat?" I was supposed to make him a messenger bag two years ago. He now carries a very nice canvas Fossil bag. Anyway, it was the toggles that kept him away. The Albion coat was just a bit too "woodland adventure" for him. He's more of a lapel kind of guy. I hate toggles. No Albion coat for me either.

Now there's a sewalong and contest. I was going to make the bag anyway, so I might as well enter the contest. I even created a Pinterest board with all sorts of tutorials, links to trims and bag inspiration. I have leather and canvas on the brain which will be obvious once you check out the board.

Second, I'm still waiting for swatches for my coat. The muslin has been tweaked and every thing is ready to be sewn. Just can't decide on fabric. I ordered 17 swatches from Mood so hopefully one of them will be a winner.

Finally, I find that I don't like sewing with plaid as much as I thought. I bought some flannel for another Darling Ranges dress but I have no desire to match up the plaid. Argh. I had hoped to finish this dress this week so that I could wear it with my new boots.  Oh well.

That's it for now. Back to sketching bag ideas.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Neemie! I always prefer a quieter birthday too, just a home cooked meal and watching Poirot with my husband would make me happy! Having said that, next year's bday is the big 30 so I'll hopefully be having a fancy dress party where I'll finally get to dress up as Mugatu from Zoolander (not sure if it'll work yet!). Looking forward to seeing your Cooper!


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