Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sewing Goals for 2014

While I patiently wait for my camera to charge, I figured that I might as well post about my sewing goals for the coming year. I felt that I stepped up my game a bit in 2013 (I made two coats), which surprised me. I want to continue to improve my skills and avoid some costly habits I developed this past year.

Sewing Goals for 2014

1. Avoid the "me too!" school of pattern buying

Of the five Colette patterns I bought this year, I only liked one. In fact, I was quite meh about all the patterns, except the one (Laurel) before I purchased them. Why then did I bother paying out $16 - $18 per pattern for four patterns that I initially did not want? Because everyone else was doing it too. Whenever there's a new indie pattern release, my blogroll lights up with anticipation and excitement. It's contagious to say the least. Against my better judgment, I ordered two Sewaholic patterns (Renfrew and Alma), the Banksia blouse by Megan Nielsen, Sew Serendipity's Marilyn dress, and Grainline Archer in addition to the five Colette patterns this year. Still, I only liked the Laurel. The others were a waste of money (the jury's still out on the Archer). Two of  my most satisfying makes this year came from Big Four patterns. Although indie patterns have a special place in my heart, I need to thoroughly evaluate how much I really like a pattern before I buy it. Grand total --not including shipping or tax for some--- about $152.

2. Trench coat!

Next month, I will start on my trench coat. After my failed attempt back in October, I was wary of trying it again. But the allure is too great. I spent the past couple of months researching patterns and learning more about fit.  My current pattern of choice is Silhouette Patterns Barbara's trench. Not only is the pattern based on a Burberry trench, it also includes different cup sizes. I hope to start muslin work next week. With two handmade coats under my belt, I feel that I can finally make the trench coat of my dreams. If all goes well, there will be more than one. And one will be lined with Liberty of London. Yes. This will happen in 2014.

3. A more clearly defined sense of style

My makes have been all over the map. Since I lived in Texas all my life until October, my sewn wardrobe (and sadly, my fabric stash) reflected that. I have summer dresses all over the place. I bought fabric based on my love of summer dresses. Now that I reside in Seattle, I've had to change how I approach my handmade wardrobe. No longer do I want to make random skirts that don't go with a single top I own. I don't want to make cutesy, full skirted dresses in floral prints. I need to make more blouses. All I have are t-shirts. Something needs to change. I crave a slightly more tailored and sophisticated look.

4. Pants!

If there's any goal that will probably be ignored and find itself on the goal list for 2015, it's this one. I tried making pants twice this year. Twice I failed. Honestly, I don't have too much trouble finding pants and jeans that fit in RTW. So why should I bother trying to make something that I buy for a lot less effort? Well, it's a skill that I feel I should posses. 

5. Closer to RTW, less homemade. 

Have you seen the creations by Mimi G. or Erica B.? Do they look homemade to you? Nope. That's what I hope to achieve in 2014 and beyond. The clothing I make in 2014 should outshine the ones made in 2013. Better fit, better finishing. Progress is the goal.

Honorable mention:

Fix and learn to use my serger. Oh, you didn't know I had a serger, did you? I own a Bernina Bernette Funlock gifted to me by sister. It's missing a foot pedal and looks a bit dusty. Crying shame to say the least. Need to get on that.


  1. Ohhhhh, I think I'm your classmate in the "Me Too" School of Pattern Buying! I'm also going to try to be better about that this year.

    These are great goals - really looking forward to some trench coat posts!

  2. 1) OMG you have to make use of your serger!! You're going to be so mad at yourself that you waited so long!!!

    2) You can do the pants! Since you have RTW pants that fit well, find a pattern that has a similar style and take a lllllll the measurements you can think to take off of those pants and compare them to your pattern. Adjust them in the proper places and make a muslin. This got me 90% of the way with pants. I wear my Butterick 5908 and Simplicity 2700 pants as much as my RTW pants! I am ready to tackle a couple others too!

    3) Cannot. Wait. to see the trench coat! I am sure it'll be absolutely stunning!

    4) I appreciate the Indies, I really do. But it is easy for me to turn down $20 for a pattern unless I'm absolutely sure it may be something that I will love. I am having no problem sewing from the Big 4!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more on #1. There is always so much buzz about new indie patterns and lots of gushing and love from bloggers that it's very intoxicating and clouds your judgment. I only bought a few this year and thankfully was pretty successful. Only the Hawthorn was a big fail.

    I'm glad I found your blog this year, I really enjoy it. Happy New Year and get that serger fixed! You will love it!

  4. Hi! I am new to your blog, and I love it! You've got some great goals for 2014. With regard to sewing pants, you could definitely do it!! Have you considered checking out any Craftsy classes? They have a lot of classes for pants fitting, and one on sewing designer jeans (I bought this one myself, it is great so far). Their classes are always going on sale, sometimes as low as 19.99. Just something to think about. I look forward to seeing what you will sew this year.


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