Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chambray makes my heart dance

Buttons! Buttons are the only thing left before my military jacket dreams become reality. See here. Now that my jacket is just about done, it's time to muse about  my next sewing project. This time I have chambray on the brain. I want to make a chambray shirt dress but I can't decide on the pattern. For me, it helps to have visual aides and inspiration. Rarely do sewing ideas just pop into my head. Usually, I see something that I want and figure out how to make it for less. Not exactly the most creative approach but I've never claimed to be a designer.

Anywho, here's some of my inspiration:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

And my pattern choices:

McCall's 6885 View D and C / Vogue 8927 View F and E

My conundrum: can't decide between a full-length button placket or a popover. I do favor the shirt-tail hem so at least I've got one thing down. I've made McCall's 6885 view D before. See here. Only minor tweaking would be needed for a second time around, mainly adding 4" to the hem. I flashed side thigh one time too many. Whichever pattern I choose, there will be long sleeves and a button cuff. Never made a sleeve with button cuff, it's time I got on that.

That's it for now. Perhaps a good night's rest will make my decision easier.


  1. I love shirtdresses but I still haven't made one. Can't wait to see which one you choose!

  2. Very nice options! I think the Mccalls version looks very close to your inspiration board, but both are nice.

  3. I vote for buttons going all the way down and waist tie.


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