Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Kwik Sew 3534

Before I start my review, I just want to say that my jacket is wrinkly on purpose. So please, no comments about pressing. I did press the crap out of it and it looked way too stiff. For now, we're going with wrinkly. So there. On to the review...

For the fourth part in what has become an outerwear series, I present to you Kwik Sew 3534. I know that I never really blogged about part two. That post will be up eventually. Today, it's all about my cute green military-safari jacket.


Kwik Sew 3534 is a simple jacket pattern. It is unlined and has a close-fit, much less boxy that I thought. I skipped a muslin on this one. I cut a size large and my fitting alterations were few. I believe I only added about 1 5/8" to the sleeve length. That's it. The fabric is from Fashion Fabrics Club. It is an olive brushed twill. Nice and soft to the touch but still a bit stiff. Side note: The shipping was ridiculous. It took two weeks to show up. From now on, I will pay for expedited shipping.

Initially I had planned to add an elastic casing to the waist for definition but it looked weird. Also, I hated the cuffs. They looked dumb to me but work really well for Cosplay. Seriously. When I did a google search on this pattern, three Cosplay costumes popped up. I am so not into Cosplay. I almost abandoned this pattern because of it. I know. I was being unreasonable.

Anyway, I changed the cuff to a more standard one. I put buttons under the flap because I didn't like the idea of small buttons on my boobs. I also wanted it to look more like my Old Navy inspiration jacket. For the inside, I made bias binding from some striped shirting in my stash. I used my twin needle on almost all of the jacket. The buttons are from Wawak.

Epaulet/Front Pocket

And that's it. Really. I pressed it up and tried it on. The jacket looked way too stiff. Since that wasn't the look I wanted, I washed and dried it. It looks wrinkly, however, it looked more relaxed than before. I do think I will purchase some Downy Wrinkle Release and see if that takes away some wrinkles without making it look stiff. Or, I could try softening it with some white vinegar. We'll see.


  1. I love this. I am not a huge pinterest fan but just yesterday I pinned an outfit where she had on this very color military style jacket, white button front, skinny jeans and leopard heels.

    So very cute!

  2. This looks really good. It's too bad it's so stiff for you, I'd be curious to hear if the vinegar helps soften it up.
    You are right about the shipping from Fashion Fabrics Club/Denver Fabrics. It is ridiculously slow.

  3. You did a fabulous job on this! It looks so clean, and professional. And the color is nice, too. As for Fashion Fabrics Club/Denver Fabrics, I enjoy their fabrics, just not their slow service. I hope you can get your jacket to soften some so you can enjoy your creation.

  4. Your jacket is way cool. I don't think "novice" sewer applies to you . . . : )

  5. I really like this. No surprise I guess, as I have two very similar jackets in my closet! But it's nice to know which pattern to go to if I want to make a similar one in a different color, because I wear the two I have all the time!

  6. Does anybody know where I can get this pattern now? It's out of stock literally EVERYWHERE.

    1. I'm sorry you can't find it. I bought my pattern locally from Hancock Fabrics last year.


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