Sunday, February 2, 2014

Minty fresh

I had grand plans for today. Friday night, I finished my chambray dress. I wore it out Saturday. I was going to take photos today. My stomach had other plans. Apparently, it does not like Thai food. Needless to say, I feel like poo. So, I'm spending my Sunday wrapped in a blanket watching the Puppy Bowl and hoping that I can keep my food down.

In between commercials, I'm also brainstorming the next piece in my outerwear series. It seems that I'm addicted....can't stop. Won't stop. Another trench coat is in order. This time in my current favorite color: mint green. I'm not a fan of that orchid color that Pantone deemed color of the year. In my world, it's all about shades of green.

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I plan to use the Silhouettes Barbara's Trench pattern once again with a few tweaks. I wasn't too impressed with the sleeves and armscye in my first trench, so I want to take another shot at adjusting them with a different method.

No Liberty of London for the lining this time. I think I will keep it simple with pongee lining, perhaps in coral or yellow. I also have fleeting thoughts of bound buttonholes. We'll see. I wouldn't want my bound buttonhole maker to go to waste.

Fabric and leather buckles have been ordered. Still on the fence about buttons.

Before I go, I did a quick tally of my projects for January. Although I have yet to blog all of them, I did accomplish a great deal. I made a trench coat (including 3 muslins), military jacket, cotton interlock skater dress and a chambray shirt dress. Not bad for one month.

Oh and before I forget...I'm at 95 followers on Bloglovin'. Once I reach 100, I will have a giveaway which includes patterns and fabric. More details on that to come...

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  1. Ooooh, mint green trench! That's going to be lovely!


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