Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Vogue 8896

Let the Ponte Parade continue...

This is a just a quickie review. I took pictures of this dress the same day as Butterick 5950. I figured that I may as well review it too.

I made Vogue 8896 back in December. I have yet to wear it anywhere. I'm not sure why. I think it looks a bit more dressy. It's weird how a knit dress can seem too dressy. I've always lumped knits into the casual wear category.

click to enlarge

Anywho, this dress was simple and quick to sew. I love ponte knit wrap dresses. I'm currently working on my third (more on that later). I always feel put together every time I wear one. This dress was made with Maggy London ponte knit purchased from Fabric Mart. The color is merlot. I love this color. As with all my ponte knit creations, I used stitch witchery on the hems, fusible knit stay tape for the shoulders and a twin needle to finish. I made view A but lengthened the sleeves.

There is one change that I made to the skirt...the skirt actually has a fold-over facing much like Vogue 8379. I thought this was silly. Instead, I hacked off most of it, saving 5/8" for a hem and finished it the same as the bodice. Yay no facings! My only complaint with this is pattern---there's gathers at the waist. I like the shoulder gathers but at the waist it just looks a bit bulky.

Will I make it again? Maybe. I do have other wrap dress patterns to try.

In other news, I'm making some progress on my Work Wardrobe Plans. My rendition of the lady-like blouse is complete. I'm almost finished with my printed day dress (aka ponte wrap dress #3). Will I get to pants this week? Not sure. I just bought some fabric from the Sewing Expo and now I'm distracted. More on that later...


  1. That dress is gorgeous. I think the "fanciness" comes from the classic wrap + deep color. I think you can definitely make it day with accessories.

    Can't wait to see the wardrobe pieces!

  2. Fabric from the sewing expo...sounds neat! I am attending the one in Atlanta in a few weeks : ) I love the color of this dress!

  3. This is lovely, that colour is just stunning.


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