Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A whine and a review.

So,'s been a while since I've reviewed anything. Honestly, it's been a while since I've sewn anything. And by "a while" I mean like 2 weeks. Yeah, I know. Go ahead, roll your eyes.

Anywho, my sewjo has waned once more. I was starting to fill a bit overwhelmed. My fabric stash has grown a bit. Not too much. It all still fits on the bookcase. But it's just enough growth to overwhelm me. I'm not a fabric hoarder, er, collector. I prefer not to have more fabric than I could reasonably sew. When I feel I have too much and I don't feel like sewing, it just equals fail. Also, my sewing room is a hot mess right now. It's easier to close the door than to clean.

Blah. Sigh. Moving on.

Ok, now review time. I took pictures of this dress a few weeks ago. I finished it over a month ago.  I used Butterick 5949 view B but used Kwik Sew 3521 for the skirt. The fabric is poly crepe de chine from Fabric Mart, long since sold out. I used navy pongee for the lining.

The directions were good. I didn't have trouble fitting the bodice. The bodice does gape. A lot. I fused stay tape along the bias to prevent it, but it did nothing. Initially, I wanted to use Gertie's method involving twill tape but I couldn't figure out if I needed to do the same treatment to the lining as well as the bodice. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have just done it anyway. I kind of hate some instructions/tutorials for that reason. Why bother introducing a new technique if you're not going to cover the major scenarios...lining being one of them?

Argh. Sewjo...slipping.

The gaping is a problem. I have to discreetly use a safety pin to keep it closed. I didn't have this issue during my muslin phase.

Overall, it's a cute dress and I do enjoy wearing it. If I make it again, I will use twill tape on the front.

That's enough for now. I have three things I want to accomplish this month: a shirt dress, knit wrap dress and a denim wrap skirt. We'll see how this goes.


  1. Awww. I really like it! The gaping situation stinks :/

    I want to make a shirtdress too!

    1. Have you decided on a pattern yet?

  2. I hate unexpected gaping, as well. I think I've just gotten used to figuring that I'll probably need to wear a cami under anything with a surplice neckline.

  3. I hate gaping that is not evident until you sew up the final garment!!! AAHH! The dress is beautiful, though. The fabric is so pretty, too!

  4. Gaping necklines are the worst and, as Vanessa said, usually don't appear until after the garment is finished. Ugh. Cute dress anyway.

  5. I made a dress with a wrap front and ended up with the same results. I had read somewhere about sewing clear elastic inside the seam but it did not work either. Finally we just stitched it closed. I think it may have been the fabric I used. Don't be discouraged, it happens to all of us. The fabric is beautiful and you could always use a vintage brooch to close the gap.


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