Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For the love of shirt dresses.

I have 3 1/2 yards of this shirting fabric from Joann:

Vertical Stripe Denim/White Shirting

There are two patterns that I want to make with it but I can't decide. Full pleated skirt or simple shirt dress?

McCall's 6506 or Simplicity 2246 (Lisette Traveler Dress)

I've made S2246 before. I liked it but I wished that it was more A-line. I also despised the one-piece collar. I would have to redraft that. I've been looking at photos of others' makes trying to convince myself that the collar is okay. It is not okay.

M6506 has already been muslined. I did a bit of tweaking and was able to add a sleeve. I also redrafted that ridiculous 70s collar. The fit is fine. I don't know why I have yet to sew it.

I am in dire need of a shirt dress. Sure, I may have just finished Vogue 8970 but I still need another one. More collars! More buttons! More shirting fabric!

Sigh. Decisions.


  1. I like the one on the right. That was one of the first patterns I bought (and I think I had actually spied it on your blog way back) but I still haven't made it up yet. In fact, I think I lent it to a friend and haven't received it back! I think I need to ask for it back and make it up this year, I still really like it. It'll look lovely in your shirting fabric.

  2. The one on the left!!!! We are biased, we admit, but if you've already muslined it, then we say GO! Summer will be gone before you know it.

  3. Either would look great on you!

    haha @ McCall's! :-) Can't wait to see this fabric in action. It screams summer!

  4. The pockets (and the fact that it was already muslined) would put the McCall's over the top for me. (I might also be partially biased because I made the Simplicity and was sort of "meh" on it on me. I'd forgotten about that collar until you mentioned it.)

  5. Weren't you working on a vintage shirtdress? What happened with that? Can you flare the skirt portion of the Lissette? Either would be smashing on you! Honestly. g

    1. The vintage one didn't work out :(
      I thought about altering the S2246 to make it more like the vintage one, but I'm being swayed by a full, pleated skirt.

  6. I would finish the McCall's, it looks more cute and flirty, and you're already halfway finished!

  7. I made the Traveler dress this past spring and I ended up adding front and back fisheye darts -- I knew it'd be a sack on me otherwise. (I still wear a belt with it though.) :) Shirtdresses FTW!


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