Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Looks like I'm about to make another coat.

It's been a while since I last made outwear. I believe my last go with it was back in February (my minty fresh trench). It's been too long. I've had fleeting thoughts of making Butterick 5966 for a year now.

And I've had some warm thoughts about this Leanne Marshall coat (1243) from Simplicity.

Of course once I finally decide that B5966 is a go, another pattern catches my eye. Enter new Butterick 6143.

Despite the poor fabric choice, I fell instantly in love. The collar borders on twee but it's something that I can live with (or change). Just take a look at the line drawing (I'm partial to view B):

It reminds me of all the Orla Kiely coats (and others) that I've pinned on Pinterest. Needless to say, but B5966 just got dumped. I want to start on this coat like right now but I will practice patience and wait for the inevitable Butterick pattern sale. However, if you consider how much money I've dropped on some truly disappointing indie patterns lately, $11.95 seems pretty cheap for a pattern (but $3.99 is cheaper).

Fabric suggestions? I'm sticking with wool and wool blends. I don't want anything too heavy like the Melton wool I used for last year's coat. I like the idea of a burgundy/deep berry coat. Fabric Mart has some nice burgundy wool/nylon coating on sale for $8.99. Considering that I already have a couple of lining options in my stash, this could be a really cheap coat.

I'm excited which is a big deal. I haven't been excited about a sewing project in a while. Does any one else have any coat sewing plans?


  1. I knew you'd sew another coat soon! LOL!

    I am going to sew the Leanne Marshall coat. I have it cut out...I just need to start sewing.

  2. I'm another one with plans to sew the Leanne Marshall coat. I'm planning to start muslining after the Thanksgiving weekend (when I should have my in-progress queue cleared out). The new Butterick coat caught my eye, too. I'll be at least picking up the pattern for that one at the next Butterick sale.

  3. I don't know but I think the new Butterick could easily become frumpy if the fabric drape isn't correct. However, the other two choices are so sleek and clean lined. I'm a huge fan of the Leanne coat even though i have no need for a new coat right now. ; )

    1. I agree. Most of the wool coating swatches I have are too thick/stiff. I'm now leaning towards gabardine or suiting. Finding the right fabric may take a while. Also, I think I may use pleats instead of gathers for the skirt.

  4. I just saw this Butterick coat pattern and fell in love, too. We must have the same taste in coats! P.S. still love your minty green coat from last year.

  5. The hood on the Leanne Marshall coat is really elegant.


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