Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Winning Combination: Vogue 8028 and New Look 6143

I finished this dress about 6 weeks ago. Melizza (Pincushion Treats) graciously took photos of me in my finished dress well over a month ago. Why has it taken me this long to post a review? I'm not sure. I really like this dress but I've only worn it once.

The fabric is cotton poplin from Mood. It is lightweight, more like shirting than poplin.

Stonewash Blue Bird Printed Poplin

Initially, I had other plans. Once I received the fabric, however, only one thought entered my mind: shirt dress. Honestly, I should stop writing posts about sewing plans because I hardly ever follow through with them. I think from now on, I will only post works-in-progress and finished projects.

Anywho, next came the challenge of deciding exactly which shirt dress pattern to use. I muslined the famed McCall's 6696 but that turned out to be a giant heap of fail. I knew that I wanted a pleated skirt but nothing too full or poofy. I was inspired by this dress from Orla Kiely.

I used Vogue 8028 for the bodice and New Look 6143 for the skirt. I used the back skirt pieces for the front and the front piece for the back. I also drafted a yoke and back pleat for the bodice. I added a belt and belt carriers.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. Now on to photos:

Not too shabby. Thanks again Melizza!  I really need to post photos more often. I've been a pants making fool the last few months and have yet to post a single photo.


  1. Looks good Niema! What happened with the McCall's dress?

    1. Dart fail. The darts were super long and when I shortened them, it looked weird. Also the back was too poofy. Overall, the dress just didn't do it for me and I didn't want to bother with multiple muslins when I knew that V8028 fit me already.

    2. Aaah, I see. I have sort of a hate-hate relationship with darts. I know they're needed to fit two-dimensional fabric on three-dimensional surfaces, but I don't have to like it. =) Thanks for sharing your comments about the McCall's dress; I now know what to look out for if I make this pattern.

  2. Wow, you aced that Orla reproduction! It looks just like it, especially the skirt. Great job.

  3. That dress looks fantastic on you! I love it! I hope that as you get more used to it, you'll get more wear out of it. (BTW--I think I've had that same bird print fabric from Mood in and out of my online shopping cart probably about a half dozen times since it showed up on their site.)

  4. I'm a sucker for a shirtdress and I really love yours!

  5. You did such a great job with this dress. It looks so good. Too good not to share!

  6. That is so pretty! The fit and fabric are just great. I hope we get to see your pants soon too!


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