Monday, July 13, 2015

I've got outwear on the brain

I want to make a moto jacket. No, not just that. I want it to be FALL already. I'm done with summer. Done. Sewing summer clothes no longer interests me. It's time for jackets and an obscene amount of ponte knit dresses. I want to be draped in scarves while strutting around in my boots.

I am so ready for autumn.

 This means I'm also ready to sew up some more outerwear. I have no plans for a winter coat this year. After all the hard work I put into my first coat, I've only worn it a handful of times. However, both of my trench coats and my green military jacket get tons of wear. So, as I plan my fall sewing, I'm leaning more on lighter jackets and coats.

Honestly,  I only have two jackets in mind: the aforementioned moto jacket and another trench coat. I'm quite torn on exactly which moto jacket pattern to use. The trench coat, on the other hand, I know exactly which pattern I want to use: Style Arc Stella Coat.

Stella Coat by Style Arc

I really love this variation on the trench coat. I envision it made up in sateen or twill with a fun lining. I had thoughts of shortening it to upper thigh length, but part of me loves the drama of a knee-length coat. I'm not sure what color: perhaps navy, tan/khaki or maroon.

As far as the moto jacket -- I'm quite torn. There are several patterns out there that would work but I'm still not sure.

Style Arc Ziggi / Kwik Sew 3764 / Butterick 6169 / Simplicity 2056 (oop)

Style Arc Ziggi: I really love all the details but I fear that it may be a bit too involved. There are some fantastic tutorials and sewalongs for this jacket but I don't know if I have the patience for all of it.

Kwik Sew 3764: I really like this one but it's unlined. There are tutorials out there for drafting a lining. Not sure if I want to be bothered.

Butterick 6169: I like it but it seems too plain. I love that it's lined but I wish it had a collar. That wouldn't be too complicated to draft. Hmm. I'll have to think about that.

Simplicity 2056 (oop): I think this may be the one. I love the welt pockets and there is a detachable hood option. This one is unlined as well. Can't seem to get away from drafting. I also don't like the exposed zipper which is an easy fix. Exposed zippers are cool, exposed zipper tape is not.

Decisions. I'm leaning towards twill (black or navy ) for this jacket. I want it to be easy care. I'll make up some muslins over the next couple of months then decide.

Any suggestions -- patterns I may have missed?


  1. I got this Motor City Express Jacket pattern with a Craftsy class - it has lots of details. And by details, I mean zippers :-)

    I love that Stella coat. Sam over at Stitched Up by Samantha made is earlier this year and made me want one for myself. I'll look forward to seeing yours.

  2. I faced the same Moto jacket dilemma earlier this year and have now sewn two of the Butterick 6169. I'm completely in love with both of them!!! But I like the extra details in the OOP Simplicity.

    The trench coat will be stunning in maroon. Mmmmm!

    I'm almost ready for fall sewing too!

    1. I really like both of your jackets. Honestly, I had no interest in this pattern until I saw yours.

  3. Another unlined option -

  4. I want to make a coat as well. Live the Stella. Would floral be too much? I'm sure you'll end up with an amazing exposed zipper (no tape) lined moto jacket. g

    1. I like the idea of a floral with a black background, that would be stunning.


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